Our Florida Partners

Our Florida Partners

Meet the dedicated organizations that team up with Discover Outdoors to protect Florida’s environment. Each partner, from local activists to scientific experts, plays a beneficial role in our mission to foster a greener future. This page highlights their unique efforts and shows how they contribute to our conservation goals.
These collaborations represent an integrated mission in which every action we perform is directed toward preserving the future of our world, going beyond mere teamwork. Learn about their work, explore their missions, and see how they help us make a difference.


Save Our Seabirds

Save Our Seabirds has been a beacon of hope for Florida’s birds since 1988. Founded on the legacy of Dale Shields, “The Pelican Man,” we rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured birds, striving to return as many as possible to the wild. Our sanctuary offers a second chance to birds that cannot survive independently.
Support our mission to heal and protect our feathered friends. Consider getting involved or visiting our expanding facility to see our impactful work firsthand.

Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast Conservation Foundation puts forward a lot of efforts to protect the land and water in Southwest Florida. Their vision is a thriving harmony between human and natural environments. By collaborating widely, they ensure access to clean water, fresh air, and open spaces that everyone can enjoy.
Their efforts have led to the protection of nearly 19,300 acres, enhancing the region’s resilience to natural disasters and enriching the community’s quality of life. Join their cause to preserve the beauty and health of our landscapes for future generations.

Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP)

The TBEP is at the forefront of restoring and protecting Tampa Bay. Since 1991, when Congress designated it an estuary of national significance, TBEP has developed community-driven, science-based management plans that focus on clean waters, thriving habitats, and an informed community.
Their extensive network includes various committees and partnerships aligned under TBEP’s guidance to foster a healthier bay environment. Dive into the world of TBEP, where every effort contributes to the revitalization and sustainability of Tampa Bay. Join their journey to see firsthand the impact of dedicated environmental management.

Suncoast Waterkeeper

Suncoast Waterkeeper champions clean, swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water for the Florida Suncoast. They engage the community and stakeholders in advocating for environmental protection through rigorous scientific monitoring and responsible legal action.
Their mission is grounded in safeguarding the waterways of Manatee, Sarasota, and Northern Charlotte Counties, ensuring laws are actively upheld for the benefit of all. Immerse yourself in their efforts to maintain the pristine condition of Suncoast’s waters and participate in their journey towards sustainable environmental stewardship.

Keep Manatee Beautiful

Keep Manatee Beautiful is a nonprofit organization that enhances Manatee County through focused environmental stewardship. Since its inception in 1991, the organization has rallied over 10,000 volunteers to tackle littering, illegal dumping, and inefficient waste disposal while promoting widespread recycling and beautification.
They encourage residents to contribute through volunteer projects, from litter cleanups to tree plantings. Engage with Keep Manatee Beautiful today and play a direct role in transforming Manatee County into a more sustainable and visually appealing community.

Science And Environment Council Of Southwest Florida (SEC)

The Science and Environment Council (SEC) unites Southwest Florida’s top environmental and scientific organizations to achieve what no single organization could accomplish alone. Founded in 2001, this consortium catalyzes impactful projects, leveraging a vast network to enhance regional conservation and sustainable practices.
SEC leads by informing policies, convening discussions, and raising public awareness about science-driven conservation. Engage with their initiatives to witness how science and cooperation lead to significant environmental and community enhancements in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Sarasota Bay Watch

Sarasota Bay Watch is dedicated to the health and vitality of Sarasota Bay through active community involvement and innovative environmental stewardship. By fostering collaboration with other organizations and relying on sound science, they aim to restore and protect the bay’s ecosystems, which are crucial for the community’s well being and economic health.
Join Sarasota Bay Watch to become a part of their mission to sustain the natural beauty and balance of Sarasota Bay. Engage in actions that promote integrity, respect, and sustainability, ensuring that this precious resource thrives for generations to come.

Solutions To Avoid Red Tide (START)

START is a grassroots non-profit organization founded in 1996 in response to a severe red tide outbreak. It is dedicated to preserving our coastal waters and reducing excess nutrients that feed harmful algal blooms like red tide. With a diverse board of directors experienced in corporate management, water ecology, and red tide research, START leads initiatives to increase public awareness and secure funding for marine environmental protection.
Join forces with START to bolster their ongoing endeavors to safeguard our marine ecosystems and foster healthier coastal waters. By pooling our efforts, we can effectively address the concerns posed by red tide and ensure the long-term sustainability of our invaluable water resources.

Our Partners

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