USA destinations

USA Destinations

Get To Know America's Wonders With Earthsquad.

Follow Discover Outdoors on an adventure to the most fascinating locations in the United States. Observe the distinctive beauty and varied ecosystems found in America’s landscapes, from the mountains to the shore.


Florida offers an irresistible blend of sun-drenched beaches, lush wetlands, and vibrant cities. With Discover Outdoors, you can navigate the scenic waterways, explore the rich biodiversity of the Everglades, and soak up the cultural atmosphere of iconic cities like Miami.


Experience the breathtaking diversity of California, from the star-studded streets of Los Angeles to the fog-covered hills of San Francisco. Our tours highlight the dramatic coastlines, ancient forests, and sprawling vineyards, providing a comprehensive exploration of the Golden State.

New York

Explore the Empire State with Discover Outdoors, from the bustling streets of New York City to the tranquil beauty of the Adirondacks. Engage with the state’s rich history, enjoy vibrant arts scenes, and explore varied natural landscapes that offer endless adventure.

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