Sacred And Rare White Buffalo Calf Is Born In Yellowstone National Park

Sacred And Rare White Buffalo Calf Is Born In Yellowstone National Park

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White Buffalo Calf

A rare white buffalo calf was born in Yellowstone on June 4. This event is special because it matches an old Lakota prophecy.

The prophecy suggests such a birth signals hope and a need for more Earth protection. Many people see this birth as a sacred sign. There’s a big celebration planned for June 26 at the Buffalo Field Campaign headquarters in West Yellowstone.

This calf is unique with its black nose, eyes, and hooves. Over 1,500 bison died last winter, making this birth even more significant. Erin Braaten first spotted the calf and took photos that amazed many.

Significance Of The White Buffalo To Lakota Culture

The white buffalo holds deep significance for the Lakota tribe.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Oyate, described the calf’s birth as a sign: “The birth of this calf is both a blessing and a warning. We must do more.” 

This ties back to a Lakota prophecy, likening the calf to a sacred figure, similar to the second coming of Jesus Christ for Christians.

Lakota legend recounts how the White Buffalo Calf Woman came during a dire time, provided a sacred pipe, and promised to return in the form of a white buffalo calf during hard times, bringing renewal. 

The birth is seen as a fulfillment of this prophecy, urging present-day reflection and action towards environmental stewardship.

Witnessing The White Buffalo’s Birth

Erin Braaten spotted the white buffalo calf first. She was visiting Yellowstone with her family. Erin saw “something really white” among a herd of bison across the Lamar River.

She used her camera with a telephoto lens for a closer look. She found the white buffalo calf and was amazed. 

Erin said, “I look and it’s this white bison calf. And I was just totally, totally floored.”

After the bison crossed the road, her family watched the calf and its mother for about 45 minutes. They saw them move through the willows. Erin returned for two more days but did not see the calf again.

White Buffalo Calf1

The White Buffalo’s Impact Across Communities

The white buffalo calf has touched many people. Troy Heinert, from the InterTribal Buffalo Council, believes the calf is a true white buffalo.

He noted, “From the pictures I’ve seen, that calf seems to have those traits,” referring to its black nose, hooves, and dark eyes. 

Unlike albinos, this calf shows the key signs of the prophecy. The birth has brought excitement to various communities and sparked discussions on wildlife and cultural reverence.

The National Bison Association‘s Jim Matheson said, “To my knowledge, no one’s ever tracked the occurrence of white buffalo being born throughout history.” 

This rarity adds to the calf’s mystical appeal, reminding us of the need for respectful


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